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New Acc

2011-03-09 01:17:39 by jokutusta

Account moved to Bosoul.


2010-09-24 09:06:21 by jokutusta

Madness day was awesome, as always.
Too bad i failed my projects.


2010-09-02 10:53:50 by jokutusta

I'm making a madness day toon. I'm not sure about the name but
i will do something for sure!


2010-04-04 02:46:30 by jokutusta

Madness combat 6.5 is done!
go watch!
madness combat 6.5


2010-04-01 11:49:30 by jokutusta




2009-09-08 09:10:57 by jokutusta

the animation is dead now. it crahed when i was removing somehing crap from
my folder and i removed the fla. file ....but i am doing another animation for madnes day.
see you then

new idea

2009-07-01 05:20:14 by jokutusta

So, i made my own animation series. I'm not sure, will i ever make it.
and the madness animation will be done for madness day.
BUT, i have been lazy. It slows me down, but still animating.
also, LOL!!!

new idea


2009-06-10 05:47:29 by jokutusta

animation goes good. i put a crappy quality pic now from my animation.


new animation

2009-05-29 13:58:51 by jokutusta

working on a new animation. it has 345 frames for now. i started it TODAY, and i am going to finish it.
I have been training flash, and i am now better on madness. It's going very fell. the movie is about a prison escape. I got the idea from madness chrismas 2006.

madness 2 is never made

2009-01-01 05:51:15 by jokutusta

i am NOT making madness combat part 2. It's dead now.

I don't know what i really must do now.